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We create video tutorials that allow you to look over our shoulder and follow along as we create your website together.

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From each video we create a guide, in the form of a PDF, that has screenshots and step-by-step instructions to follow.

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We have an active community of people who have gone through our tutorials who come here to find help as well as help others.

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“Websites Made Simple was and is one of the best sites to learn how to create a website! The tutorials are fully detailed with every little thing that we needed to make our site awesome! Plus, the owner of the site, Todd was a very great teacher. Even when we didn’t understand some little things, Todd cleared them up with some fast responses! Websites Made Simple really helped us out and my team and I are really grateful to Todd and his expertise! Check him out!”

John J

PR Manager
Tubby Life Studios®


“Thank you so much for all of your help, Todd… you are awesome!!! Your instructions are always crystal-clear and when followed, the website functions exactly as you describe. I’m so glad I subscribed to your youtube channel. I’m an Indie publisher and I really needed to create a website myself so it would reflect me. I am very pleased with it and I have you to thank for that. Again, thanks for your help… and your patience!”

Jennifer Williams

Indie Author


“I cannot thank you enough for all your help. You have no idea how empowering it is for me, as a woman in her sixties who never dreamed I could have my own website, to have one and feel in control of it. I think your method is excellent, because it shows you it all works and gives you all the building blocks you need to do it yourself.”

Jane Winter

Human Rights Activist

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