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We create video tutorials that allow you to look over our shoulder and follow along as we create your website together.

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From each video we create a guide, in the form of a PDF document, that has screenshots and step-by-step instructions to follow.

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We have an active community of people who have gone through our tutorials who come here to find help as well as help others.

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The Members Of Our Team

Masa is only 9 years old, but loves to learn new things. He's just built his first two websites, one with Squarespace and one with WordPress, and he wants to inspire you to build your own website too.


Todd has had a passion for building websites for the last 7 years. But he gets even more joy and reward out of helping other people build their own websites. His goal is to always make things as simple as possible.


Taka is only 7 years old and eager to start building websites like his big brother. Don't be fooled by Taka's size and age, when it's finally his turn, he'll have no trouble following along when he gets the chance.